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Popcorn bucket recycling project!

A few weeks ago friends and I visited The Haydn Kino and I had for the very first time a HUGE bucket of popcorn (which we three shared I might add!!) It made me think how there must be some cool crafts to make with the used cartons. After making my friends skulk around the emptying cinema to find thrown away cartons to no avail I decided to email the cinema and ask if they could possibly save them for me. Eric at The Haydn Kino came up trumps and saved 60 for me!! Big thank you to the staff and Eric for making an effort to collect them for all. I was delighted if a little embarrassed carrying them all home on the Ubahn. Having so many the first thing I did OBVIOUSLY was make a big pyramid, shortly later we made Knights helmets in the Kindergarten with them which turned out really well. Other ideas can be seen below…I am sure more ideas will follow…


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