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Halloween & Hop-Tu- Naa

I grew up in the Isle of Man and on the Isle of Man we celebrate Hop-Tu-Naa not Halloween. It is celebrated on 31st October and is much like Halloween however the costumes are focused more towards witches, wizards, devils etc not so many general fancy dresses. One main difference is that children have turnips instead of pumpkins for their lanterns. I have many memories and scars from trying to scoop out hard turnip 🙂 We would go from house to house singing this song;

Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Jinny the witch flew over the house, to get the stick to lather the mouse.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Your mother’s gone away and she won’t be back until the morning.

We would play apple bobbing, and string up apples and try to eat them without using our hands…oh the fun!!!

I think this is why I love Halloween so much now as during my childhood Hop-tu-naa was a big deal. This week children have made some fantastic witches, vampires, skeleton arms and pumpkin lights! (Turnip lights not so easy to recreate!!)


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