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Favourite children’s books

Books and stories were a favourite of mine as a child and even now if I am honest. At primary school a book that stands out in my memory is The Jolly Postman by Allen Ahlberg, I remember hiding it in the corner library to insure when it was my turn to choose a book I would get to it first! Not such great behaviour but it is a GREAT book. Letters in little envelopes that the Postman has delivered from fairy tale characters to each other. It really is endearing and a winner with kids aged 5 plus.


Fond memories of the yellow carpet where we congregated crosslegged at the end of the day to let our imagination roam. Towards the end of primary school I remember the sun shining through the classroom and resting my head on the desk and feeling totally engrossed in the book being read(typical childhood memory as it rains mostly on the Isle of Man!!)

At prize giving I remember being awarded book vouchers and I still remember the little bookshop where I searched for which book to buy. After much deliberation I chose My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards. I loved this book and the ones that followed. Getting into mischief and causing trouble on every page, being a little sister myself I was in awe!

Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis and then onto ‘Point Horror’ books by RL Stine as I went to High school.

Picture books are like little treasures to me, I love reading books to my daughters and they love books too which I am pleased about.

This weeks favourite books;

Flora(4.5years old) Mr McTats and her Houseful of Cats by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

This book is awesome, 25 cats in the end and 1 dog each one starting with a letter running through the alphabet from A to Z. The rhythm of the verse it great and the illustrations are very cute. If your child like mine is cat crazy they will love it.

Amelie(2 years old) On my Potty by Leslie Patricelli

After reading On My Potty a zillion times saying it is my favourite book would be a stretch, although I have to say it is simple and effective and at 1.5 years old she took her own nappy off and sat on the potty and did “a tinkle tinkle toot!”. Whether it was the book or having a big sister I am not sure but it is definitely positively reinforcing potty training. Also you will refer to going for a wee as a tinkle tinkle toot for sometime, be warned!

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