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Crafty Bags!

CHRISTMAS FIGURES & HAT ‘Crafty Bags’ €7.50 or 3 for €20

The Christmas Tree Hat

Sidney the Snowman

Percy the Penguin

CHRISTMAS CARD ‘Crafty Bags’ €6 each or 3 for €15

Everything for the craft will be inside the bag that means no more searching the shops for specific coloured pipe cleaners or having to buy a large bag of material you only need one of!

Too good to be true? Not only this but on the bag there is a barcode and link to Emma who will guide your child through the steps online in a video tutorial. Emma’s Art Room in the comfort of your home.

All you will need are basics like scissors, glue, pencils and felt pens and crafty little fingers!

Snowman Craft Card

Reindeer Craft Card

Christmas Tree Card


Halloween ‘Crafty Bags’ for your child to make.

Also available via ETSY for delivery to EU and UK

Watch the Crafty Bag Tutorials:

Ginny the Witch

Little Denny Devil

Pete the Pumpkin

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