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Art inspired by kids

As a mum of two I find that my daughter’s craft table gets filled with artwork and creations, not to mention the daily/weekly pile of wonders that are brought home. My eldest daughter loves to sit together and go through each drawing and talk about it and as I ask which one is a keeper normally 90% are of course TO KEEP!

Flora’s drawing (aged 5 yrs)

My painting interpreting Flora’s drawing

In order for¬†our home not to be taken over by all this art I do a selective folder of the drawings that show her development and her likes at the moment etc..Elsa, rainbows and hearts are the favourites and of course the family feature highly. As I look through some of the drawings I am sometimes taken aback by how cool the composition, line and imagery are. Very often I have caught myself being drawn to certain drawings and inspired. So I decided to enlarge her coloured pencil drawing and using paint and oil pastel create a canvas inspired by Flora’s drawing(she helped with some of the painting of course!). She was thrilled and wants it to hang in her room. Has anyone else done this with their kids artwork? Would any mums or dads be interested in doing this? Maybe I should have just enlarged her drawing by photo and not tried to copy it, perhaps it lost its original charm through interpretation..any thoughts?

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