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Art Courses in Kindergarten/Primary School

Art classes allowing your child to be inspired and creative and encourage their fine motor skills, with the added bonus of exposing them to English spoken by a native British teacher.

Some weeks we will look at an artist, others we will read a book or sing a song and base the art/craft around that. We will also do crafts to follow the season.

Activities will include painting on a canvas, painting on clothing, mosaics, collage, drawing with different media. All materials are included.

How many classes per course?

10 or 15 lessons

How long will each lesson last?

Each lesson is 1 hour on the same day each week

Who is the class suitable for?

All children aged 3 or older. For children who have never been exposed to English it is a great introduction to the language, Emma is expressive and everything in the class is visual so communication is not a problem. For children who can speak English this is a great art class that allows the children to express themselves and learn about new artists and techniques. The tempo of the class is adjusted to the children and their knowledge and abilities.

How do I know what my child is doing in the art classes?

After each class I will let you know what the children have learnt and made that day, either by email or I can put the information up on a board in the Kindergarten.

How can I get Emma’s Art Room in my child’s Kindergarten?

Please speak to your head teacher at the Kindergarten and ask him/her to contact Emma for further details.

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