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About Emma

Hi there! My name is Emma Lang. I come from the Isle of Man originally and have lived in Vienna since 2003. I studied Surface Pattern Design in both the UK and Norway and I have worked as a textile designer in both Austria and Australia designing for the fashion and home furnishing industry. I came to Vienna for a design position after finishing University and began teaching English part-time to Kindergarten and Volksschule children. Gradually over time I have found myself teaching English more and designing less. I LOVE teaching children, but I also love design. I wanted to balance both my passions, therefore the idea for Emma’s Art Room was born in 2009!

Today there are weekly classes in Kindergarten and Volkschule and weekly afternoon art workshops at Dugu 1030 and La Sala 1150.

What’s new?

In August there will be a Summer Art Camp at La Sala in 15th district. The theme will be around the world visiting 5 countries email me for more info.

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